2016 Azteca Colt

"He is doing well! We call him Matteo.

We weaned him last summer. It was the most smooth and low stress weaning I could have hoped for.

Matty is friendly and curious and brave but not pushy. He learns quickly and has energy but controls his enthusiasm appropriately. He's light and sensitive to my signals on the ground but not at all spooky. I love his way of going!

He is getting tall and already close to the same height as my two year old colt, I believe he will be at least 16 h.h. and hoping for above that. His feet are healthy and legs are long and straight. He likes to play with his young paddock mate named Marcus and respects their 16 year old gelding named Cadence, who was placed with them as a babysitter to teach them about herd dynamics and basics socializing. Matteo also enjoys long naps in the sunshine. He will shed his winter coat soon, so I can finally see what color he will actually be. He retained much of his foal coat last year despite the heat, de-worming, vaccinations and foal/weanling nutrition program. I believe he will shed out to be a black bay similar to his sire.
I would be thrilled!

I am really enjoying watching him grow up and will begin doing more basic handling with him this summer. I will begin some light classical dressage work-in-hand schooling with him when he is two and continue that work until he is big enough to carry me, probably 3-4 years old.

I will be proud to develop my young Matteo to his full potential."

Barb Gerbitz


2013 PRE Colt


"My baby is looking GRANDER each day!! Love him MORE each day too. He shows so much love and respect for me that all the other horses end up doing the same because of him. I knew he was SPECIAL when I first saw him. I love his personality and how affectionate he is with me. He keeps the dream alive for me. He is just awesome!! He is the most adorable horse I've ever met, half horse half dog. I've never met a horse quite like this lovable one. I'm soooo glad I followed my heart! He's just the coolest most AMAZING horse, I get emotional just talking about him. And it's not like he's my first or only horse I've ever had. I hope to God we grow old together cause that's the dream. He gets any problem horse calm and close to humans. It's really interesting. Everybody loves Santo! He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He's my boy. We are a great couple. Lots of love always, he brings me so much joy! I love you for bringing him into my life!"

Roger Ranson
Milford, MI

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