Havana ART

(Adalina (Heroe MAC) X Ecuador ART)

2019 ANCCE Inscribed Grey PRE Filly

Havana is sweet and spicy! She is a very energetic girl!


Havana is out of Adalina, our mostly Cardenas bred mare and out of our sweet 17H boy, Ecuador ART, who gives Havana Cardenas bloodlines not available anywhere else in the U.S. Ecuador's dam was imported in-utero from the Cardenas stud in Spain.


Havana should be a good sized mare reaching at least 16 hands with good bone. With her wonderful pedigree she should make a great dressage prospect, breeding mare or all around heart horse.


Havana will be a slow turning grey. If not homozygous bay, she will be able to produce grey, bay, black and chestnut.


Havana is a half sister to our stallion, Bailo ART.


Horses in Havana's pedigree include: Navarre GF, Ecuador MAC, Tribuno IV, Alteza X, Ganador VIII, Jubiloso VIII, Valido, Jenson, Vasallo II, Heroe MAC, Leviton, Granadino XI, Agente

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Congratulations Lia Jones of Quantum Andalusians!


Ecuador ART

(Jubilosa MR X Navarre GF)

2007 ANCCE Revised Black Bay PRE Gelding

Ecuador ART is as sweet as they come and is a son of the well-known black National Champion stallion, Navarre GF and a grandson of the very tall (over 17h) bay Cardenas stallion, Ecuador MAC, a favorite of Miguel Cardenas.


Ecuador's dam, Jubilosa MR, was imported in-utero from the famous Cardenas stud in Spain and is the only offspring in the U.S. out of Ecuador MAC.


Ecuador is 17 hands and is a gentle giant with correct conformation, large bone and an ultra sweet temperament. He is a favorite where ever he goes because of his great work ethic and sweet temperament. He loves to please! He is forward moving with straight movement and 3 great gaits.


Ecuador is sensitive in mind and body. Although anyone can ride him, he shines with someone who can give him clear aids.


He has never reared, bolted or bucked and has never been lame, injured or sick.


Ecuador was found to be low on vitamin E (relatively common) and will require supplemental E for the rest of his life but it is easy and inexpensive.


Some of the many awards Ecuador has won over the years:


2008 Fiesta Midwest (ANCCE)

First Place Yearling Colt

Gold Medal Movement Award

Gold Medal Morphology Award

(Two points higher than 2nd place horse)


2012 Baroque Horse of the Midwest

Second Place Dressage Suitability Amateur to Handle


2013 IDCTA Summer Dressage Show - Day One

First Place Training Level - Open

Second Place Training Level - Adult Amateur


2013 IDCTA Summer Dressage Show - Day Two

Third Place Training Open


2013 IDCTA Summer Dressage Show - Day Three

First Place Training Level - Open

Second Place Training Level - Adult Amateur


Ecuador has attended several schooling and open shows since where he has consistently scored well with scores in the high 60s to low 70s in Training Level and 1st Level. He is currently schooling 2nd level.


Horses in Ecuador's pedigree include:


Ecuador MAC, Vasallo II, Jubiloso VIII, Valido, Tribuno IV Alteza X, Navarre GF, Teodoro, Ladina, Ganador VIII, Jenson and Poseido IV


Lifetime USDF and USEF registered.


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Congratulations Sue Susenburger!

Bailo ART

(Adalina (Heroe MAC) X Cruz EDA)

2011 ANCCE Revised Grey PRE Stallion

Bailo ART is a 16.3h tall, bold, confident sweetheart. His movement is breathtaking with an expressive trot. He has fairytale looks with a very long mane and look at me attitude.


Bailo made his public debut at the 2018 Michigan Horse Expo in March 2018 and was a big success. He was completely at home with all of the people, noise and commotion and seemed to revel in all of the attention!


Bailo has had intermittent training over the past several years but no formal dressage training. He was in training last year while at the breeding facility. He was started soundly and gently. He does walk, trot, canter and working on lateral moves.


Bailo has never had any health issues, sickness or injury. He is up on vaccinations, deworming, teeth and farrier (he has always been barefoot).


Bailo is a gentleman around the ladies and other horses. His semen is excellent in every way and ships very well. He tends to be a barn favorite wherever he goes!


Bailo is out of the beautiful 17H black PRE stallion, Cruz EDA, who is the son of the well known stallion Indiano XVIII. Bailo is heterozygous grey and is able to produce black, bay, chestnut (EeAaGg) and can produce buckskin and palomino with the right mare.


Bailo passes on his beautiful movement and sweet temperament to his offspring. Many have received size and his extravagant hair as well. Click here to see some of his offspring.


Bailo is the total package in correct conformation, movement, temperament, size, beauty and progeny!


Horses in Bailo's pedigree include:


Leviton (twice), Vasallo II (twice), Indiano XVIII, Jubiloso VIII, Agente, Quizas III, Genio III, Habanero IV, Granadino XI, Jardinero V, Paraiso



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Asking $28,750

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