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ANCCE Revised Grey P.R.E. Mare
(Nochera D X Heroe MAC) - b. July 23, 2004

Adalina is out of Denham bred mare, Nochera D, who is out of Granadino and the magnificent Quizas III. Adalina is double Vasallo, double Leviton bred. Her sire is Heroe MAC, who was the 2009 USEF Andalusian Horse of the Year.

Adalina is a touch spicy in temperament but sweet. She is very agile and graceful and she passes these qualities on to her foals. Adalina is heterozygous grey and can produce bay and chestnut.

All of Adalina's babies tend to be brave, independent and confident with a thick double mane which, when grown, split to look as if they have a full mane on both sides.

We will be taking new photos and video this summer.

Horses in Adalina's pedigree include:

Heroe MAC, Vasallo II, Jubiloso VIII, Leviton, Agente, Habanero IV, Granadino XI, Quizas III








jubilosa andalusian mare

ANCCE Revised Bay P.R.E. Mare
- b. June 2, 2002
(Heroina MAC X Ecuador MAC)

Jubilosa MR was imported in-utero from the famous Cardenas Stud in Spain. Her dam, Heroina MAC, was Champion 4 year old mare and Best Movement at the 2002 Fiesta of the Spanish Horse. Jubilosa's sire was the beautiful huge bay stallion Ecuador MAC, now deceased.

Jubi is a gorgeous, baroque, gentle, uncomplicated mare that passes on size, huge bone, movement and her mild temperament to her offspring. She is homozygous bay and has had 2 impressive bay colts, with no white, and a big, beautiful dark bay filly so far. Her offspring are consistent blue ribbon winners and we feel very blessed to have her on our farm.

We will be taking new photos and video this summer.

Horses in Jubi's pedigree include:

Ecuador MAC, Tribuno IV, Alteza X, Valido, Vasallo (twice), Jubiloso VIII, Poseido IV, Jenson, Agente






Luna ART PRE filly


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Luna ART, PRE mare

ANCCE Revised Black Bay P.R.E. Mare - b. April 18, 2011
(Jubilosa MR X Fandango del Sol)

This filly decided to wait until the full moon to be born so we thought the name Luna was not only lovely but very appropriate. Luna is being retained as a future breeding mare at Artista Andaluz.

Luna is around 15.2H at 3 years and should reach at least 15.3H when mature. She has beautiful conformation and is as sweet as can be. She is homozygous for black, heterozygous for bay and homozygous for buckskin and we are looking forward to breeding her to our blossoming young stallion Bailo ART (offered for sale on our sales page) in 2015 for an incredible foal of size, movement and perhaps color.

Luna is a full sibling to our now gelding, Movado ART who won First Place 3 Year Old Stallion and Reserve Champion Young Horse.

We will be getting new photos and video of Luna this summer.

Horses in Luna's pedigree include:

Ecuador MAC, Vasallo II, Jubiloso VIII, Valido, Tribuno IV, Alteza X, Genio III, Navarre GF, Teodoro, Ladina, Jardinero V, Paraiso




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